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Sunday, April 11, 2010

House T.V. viva weekly tv shows retrospective 1996

This blogpost will be regularly updated due to the large amount of data.
 Date: 01.06.'96
vj: Sabine Christ

DJ MOWGLY - cook               Digital Hardcore Rec.    youtube
AFRIKA ISLAM feat. ICE T. - afrika jam    Ultraphonic Rec.   youtube
PRIZNA feat. DEMOLITION MAN - fire     Kickin' Underground Sound   youtube

DJ PUSSYLOVER  - in the mix -

LISA MARIE EXPERIENCE - keep on jumping    Ffrr Rec.   youtube

Date: 08.06.'96

ROBERT ARMANI - circus bells      Djax Up Rec.   youtube 
KEN ISHII - extra                             Rough Trade Rec. youtube
ATLANTIC OCEAN - waterfalls       Streetheat Music   youtube 
ULTRAMARINE - hooter                  Wea Rec.   youtube
DJ HELL - eat my house                     Disko B. Rec.  youtube
MOBY - go                                        Rhythm Rec.  youtube
MICHELLE GAYLE - sweetness       Rca Rec.    youtube
DJ WESTBAM - wizards of the sonic  Motor Rec.   youtube
M.A.R.R.S. - pump up the volume       Rough Trade Rec.  youtube

Date: 15.06.'96

LISA MARIE EXPERIENCE - keep on jumping   Ffrr Rec.   youtube
JB3 - believer                                  Nova Mute Rec.    youtube 
SHAKE - breathe deeper                       K7 Rec.     youtube
SALT TANK - eugina                Dance Dept. Rec.   youtube

BASTI & LARS  - in the mix -

PLANET 6 - touched by mojo         K7 Rec.  youtube

Date: 22.06.'96

HAPPY CLAPERS - can't help it        Pwl Inter. Rec.   youtube
guests: Eric Clark, Hans Nieswandt, Justus Kohnke  ( WHIRLPOOL )
WHIRLPOOL - the cold song            Ladomat Rec.     youtube
NIK REIFF & RALPH SUN - electro-nique    Off the Wall Rec. youtube
LAZONBY - sacred cycles                  Metronome Rec.   youtube
Recordtips: DER DRITTE RAUM - die trommelmaschine
                  SOUL SOUNDS 2 - disco club
                  DISCOTEXX - quick clip ep
                  SUBTLE TEASE - round trip        Ladomat 2000 Rec.
                  CLE - the choice of a new generation          Utah Rec.
                  MARCOS DEDITO - serpiente           Braintist Rec.
WHIRLPOOL - harvest               Ladomat Rec.   youtube
LUXOR - superstitious                 Lunatec Rec.     youtube

Date: 06.07.'96
vj: mate Galic

HARDFLOOR - strike out                 Harthouse Rec.     youtube    

guests: Jens & Valli ( ARTCORE )
           Graf & Pierre  ( AUFSCHWUNG OST )

UNDERWORLD - born slippy    Junior Boy's Own Rec.   youtube

DJ CHI - in the mix -

OLIVER HUNTEMANN - turn it up             Confused Rec.     youtube

Date: 13.07.'96

EMPIRION - narcotic influence                   Xl Rec.   youtube
         Love Parade edition
PIZZAMAN - trippin' on sunshine                Intercord Rec.   youtube
MELAIE WILLIAMS - everyday thang        Sony Music      youtube

Date: 20.07.'96
vj: Mate Galic & Sabine Christ

BARBARA TUCKER - beautiful people          Strictly Rhythm Rec.    youtube 
CARL CRAIG - dj kicks                                 K7 Rec.           youtube
DER DRITTE RAUM - die trommelmaschine         Harthouse Rec.  youtube
PSYCHICK WARRIORS OF GAIA - out now    Kk Rec.     youtube
JOHNNY LIPSHAKE - baby fox                      Roadrunner Rec.    youtube
CHUBBY CHUNKS - testament 4               Edel Rec.        youtube
ANDREAS DORAU - komm wieder            Motor Rec.      youtube
DEEE-LITE  -  power of love                       Wea Rec.         youtube
LOVE INC. - r.e.s.p.e.c.t.                          Force Inc. Rec.   youtube
MEAT BEAT MANIFESTO - asbestos lead asbestos    Play it Again Sam Rec.   youtube

Date: 27.07.'96
vj: Mate Galic & Sabine Christ

RUBY - hoops          Sony Music Rec.     youtube
808 STATE - in yer face             Wea Rec.    youtube
EGOEXPRESS - genau so        Ladomat Rec.   youtube
ALEX REECE - feel the sunshine         Mercury Rec.   youtube
CHEMICAL BROTHERS - life is sweet             Virgin Rec.   youtube
MARCOS DEDITO - serpiente                 Braintist Rec.
PORTER RICKS - port of nuba   Chain Reaction Rec.  discogs
SQUAREPUSHER - port rhombus       Warp Rec.     youtube
NEIL LANDSTRUMM - understanding disinformation     Tresor Rec.   discogs
THE SOURCE EXPERIENCE - zyclus       R & S Rec.   youtube
SUBURBAN KNIGHT - by night ep           UR Rec.    discogs
BY KHAN - 4 e                   Pharma Rec.    youtube
SENSORAMA - echtzeit           L'age d'Or Rec.   youtube
LEFTFIELD - original                  Sony Music Rec.      youtube
N SON X - all bitches                  Motor Rec.         youtube
BARBARA TUCKER - stay together          Strictly Rhythm Rec.  youtube

Date: 03.08.'96

ALEX REECE - candles                        Mercury Rec.    youtube

guests: TONI RIOS

TODD TERRY pres. MARTHA WALSH - keep on jumping    Mercury Rec.   youtube
GENLOG - face da music            Motor Rec.   youtube
Recordtips:  SAMMY DEE & HEIKO LAUX - moonside playground   Kanzleramt Rec.  youtube
                   POINT BLANK - rog             Phono 8 Rec.   discogs
                    THE LAST DISCO SUPERSTARS - lick sticks   Grow Rec.  discogs
                    ADVENTURES IN TECHNO SOUL     Ferox Rec.
                  PATRICK LINDSEY - bub shake      Harthouse Rec.
                 CLEMENS NEUFELD EP - das gerat             Fon Rec.
                  F ATTACK - crazy bolt            Overdrive Rec.  youtube

SALT TANK - olympic                Metronome Rec.    youtube
MASA- night air                     East West Rec.      youtube
PACIFIC 231 - autumn principle    

 Date: 10.08.'96

GOLDIE - innercity life      Metronome Rec.    youtube
NIGHTMARES ON WAX - aftermath      Warp Rec.  youtube
ARMANDO - the future     Pias Rec.     youtube
ALEX REECE - candles      Mercury Rec.    youtube
KEN ISHII - extra          R & S Rec.   youtube

Recordtips: BABY FORD - tall for his height      Pal Sl Rec. 

DENEUVE - delta of venus    Telepathic Rec.  discogs
OMEGAMAN - rescue      Definitive Rec.       discogs
SUBVOICE - 007           discogs
RUSSEL KENT - ride on      Disko B. Rec.   discogs

AIR LIQUIDE - zeitgeber               Harvest Rec.   youtube
PACIFIC 231 - autumn principle
AFRIKA BAMBAATAA - sho nuff funky      Bmg Rec.   youtube

Date: 17.08.'96
vj: Sabine Christ

ATARI TEENAGE RIOT - midijunkies         Digital Hardcore Rec.   youtube
guests: DANI KONIG
DJ ENERGY - believer       Time Unlimited Rec.     youtube
THE PRODIGY - poison        XL Rec.     youtube
EARTH  NATION - falling tears      Eye Q. Rec.    youtube
DANI KONIG  - in the mix -
APOLLO FOUR FORTY - krupa     Sony Music     youtube

Date: 24.08.'96
vj: Mate Galic

UNDERWORLD - born slippy         Logic Rec.  youtube
JOSH WINK - higher state of consciousness    Zyx Rec.    youtube
guests: STEVE BUG 
GENLOG - face da music             Motor Rec.   youtube 
MARMION - firechild               Superstition Rec.  youtube
FAITHLESS - salva mea            Intercord Rec.   youtube 
STEVE BUG  - in the mix -
DJ HELL - eat my house         Disko B. Rec.    youtube
Date: 31.08.'96
vj: Mate Galic

TECHNOTRONIC - pump up the jam        Bcm Rec.   youtube
guests: HEIKO LAUX
TRICKY - aftermath      Mercury Rec.    youtube

HEXAGONE - burning trash floor   Djax Up Rec.  youtube
FUNKSTORUNG - braun     Music Aus Strom Rec.  discogs
ULTRAHIGH - it's time    Force Inc. Rec.     youtube
HEIKO LAUX  - there is no return   U-Turn Rec.  discogs
I-F  - superman     Disko B. Rec.    youtube
JOHANNES HEIL - die offenbarung    U-Turn Rec.   discogs
SAMMY DEE & HEIKO LAUX - moonside playground   Kanzleramt Rec.   youtube

RENEE feat. TAJ - when i dream     Tresor Rec.   youtube
VAPORSPACE - gravitational arch of 10    Plus 8 Rec.   youtube
ALEX REECE - candles    Mercury Rec.   youtube
Date: 07.09.'96
vj: Mate Galic

TODD TERRY pres. MARTHA WALSH - keep on jumpin'    Mercury Rec.   youtube
JUNIOR VASQUEZ - take your hands off my man   Tribal America Rec.   youtube
JOEY BELTRAM - instant     Tresor Rec.    youtube
AURAL FLOAT - south of the clouds pt.2   Elektrolux Rec.  youtube 
APHEX TWIN - on      Rough Trade Rec.    youtube

TERRENCE PARKER - in the mix -

MASSIVE ATTACK - protection   Virgin Rec.   youtube

Date: 14.09.'96

808 STATE - bond       Wea Rec.     youtube
MOLOKO - where is the what , if the what is in why?     Echo Rec.  youtube
SENSORAMA - echtzeit        Ladomat Rec.     youtube
BOMB THE BASS - bug powder dust     Kruder & Dorfmeister Session     youtube
TORI AMOS - professional widow     East West Rec.    youtube
MOUSE ON MARS - future dub     Rough Trade  Rec.   youtube
PLASTIKMAN - plastique      Plus 8 Rec.    youtube

Date: 21.09.'96
vj: Mate Galic & Sabine Christ

JAYDEE - plastic dreams       R & S Rec.    youtube
guests: EISENHERZ - DJ MORPHEUS  ( Freezone Style )
DJ CAM - dieu reconnaitra les siens     Ssr Rec.   youtube
UNDERWORLD - born slippy     Logic Rec.    youtube

DJ MORPHEUS  - in the mix  -

FUTURE SOUND OF LONDON - cascade    Virgin Rec.    youtube
808 STATE - azura      Wea Rec.      youtube

Date: 28.09.'96
vj: Sabine Christ

CHUBBY CHUNKS - testament 4      Edel Rec.    youtube
guests: JANA CLEMEN 
CJ BOLLAND - sugar is sweeter      Metronome Rec.   youtube
TRICKY DISCO - tricky disco       Rough Trade Rec.    youtube
ARPEGGIATORS - the doors of perception     Metronome Rec.    youtube

JANA CLEMEN  -  in the mix  -

CESAR - rhythms of change    Minimice Tracks Rec.    youtube

Date: 05.10.'96
vj: Mate Galic

LAURENT GARNIER - go to sleep        F-Comm. Rec.     youtube
DAMON WILD - avion        Synwave Rec.      youtube
ROLAND CASPER - hen fruit            Essence Rec.     youtube
SIEG UBER DIE SONNE - adoro      Sony Rec.     youtube

ROLAND CASPER    - in the mix -

DAN EBEN - vw         Communique Rec.     youtube

Date: 12.10.'96
vj: Sabine Christ & Mate Galic

KHAN - trail of lost souls        Temple Rec.     discogs 
FORTUNATO & MONTRESOR - fantasy     Superfly Rec.   youtube 

Recordtips: PANASONIC - oasto ep  Blast First Rec.    youtube 
                  LEO ANIBALDI - void     Rephlex Rec.  discogs 
                  FUNKSTORUNG  - musik aus strom    discogs 
                  LIKE A TIM - cacophony  Djax Up Rec.   discogs 
                  ELECTROSKUNK -untitled     Airlock Rec.   discogs
                  BLECH - warp up ( cd )
                  GAS - gas lp     Mille Plateaux Rec.  discogs

CHEMICAL BROTHERS - setting sun     Junior Boys Own Rec.    youtube
ULTRAHIGH - the revenge of the Maya gods        Force Inc. Rec.   youtube
NEW ORDER - blue monday       Rough Trade Rec.    youtube

Date: 19.10.'96
vj: Sabine Christ

TODD TERRY pres. MARTHA WALSH - keep on jumpin       Mercury Rec.   youtube
guests: INGO SANGER & STEFFEN IRLINGER  ( Live Tribehaus Radio )

SENSORAMA - nagelbrett     Ladomat Rec.    youtube
WHIRLPOOL - harvest    Ladomat Rec.     youtube
GOLDIE - innercity life   Metronome Rec.   youtube


LFO - lfo    Rough Trade Rec.    youtube

Date: 26.10.'96
vj: K.O.

GENLOG - face da music      Low Spirit Rec.    youtube

guests: KLAUS & OLLI  ( Genlog )

BROCCOLI BROS. - ruhrschnellweg   Thee Blak Label     youtube

guests: Dj Plank  ( Important Rec.)  Essen
           Pele,Fluppi  ( Raveline )
JIMI TENOR - take me baby    Rough Trade Rec.   youtube
NEW ORDER - blue monday  '88 rmx   Factory Rec.  youtube
DOPPELGANGER - days gone    Groove Attack Rec.  youtube

Date: 02.11.'96
vj: Mate Galic & Sabine Christ
BARBARA TUCKER - beautiful people   Strictly Rhythm Rec.  youtube
CARL CRAIG - dj kicks   K7 Rec.   youtube
DER DRITTE RAUM - die trommelmaschine   Harthouse Rec.  youtube
PSYCHICK WARRIORS OF GAIA - out now   Kk Rec.   youtube
JOHHNY LIPSHAKE - baby fox    Roadrunner Rec.   youtube
CHUBBY CHUNKS - testament 4    Edel Rec.   youtube
ANDREAS DORAU - komm wieder   Motor Rec.   youtube
DEEE-LITE - power of love    Wea Rec.   youtube
LOVE INC. - r.e.s.p.e.c.t.   Force Inc. Rec.    youtube
MEAT BEAT MANIFESTO - asbestos lead asbestos   youtube
Date: 09.11.'96
vj: Mate Galic
BORIS DLUGOSCH - boom! keep pushing     Spin Rec.     youtube
AFRICA BAMBAATAA & SOUL SONIC FORCE - planet rock    Tommy Boy Rec.    youtube

guests: CJ BOLLAND
           KRIS VAN DER HEYDEN  ( Insider )

CJ BOLLAND - sugar is sweeter    Metronome Rec.    youtube
FUTURE SOUND OF LONDON - my kingdom    Virgin     youtube
CJ BOLLAND - camarque     R&S Rec.   youtube 
THE ORB - pommes frites     Island Rec.    youtube

Date: 16.11.'96
vj: Mate Galic & Sabine Christ

HUFF & PUFF - help me make it    Rough Trade Rec.   youtube
DAVID HOLMES - my mate Paul     Go Discs Rec.    youtube
EON - phaze test    Electron Ind.    discogs
GARY MARTIN - sex drugs and tekno soul    Teknotika Rec.   discogs
LOW RES - amuk remixes   Metroplex Rec.   discogs

UNIT MOEBIUS - kuiken    Cfet Rec.   youtube
RIOU - cone of confusion   Kk Rec.    discogs
APHEX TWIN - girl/boy ep   Warp Rec.   discogs

ROB ACID - schoko dreck     Junk Food Rec.
KLAUS SCHULZE - voices in the dark    Wea Rec.    youtube
SIEG UBER DIE SONNE - adoro    Sony Rec.    youtube

guests: PINK ELLN & DANDY JACK  ( Sieg Uber Die Sonne )

KRAFTWERK - die roboter  Emi Rec.     youtube
KEN ISHII - extra     R & S Rec.    youtube
UNDERWORLD - pearls girl    Junior Boys Own Rec.   youtube
AURAL FLOAT - south of the clouds    Electrolux Rec.   youtube

Date: 23.11.'96
vj: Mate Galic

ACID SCOUT - this is what     Disco B. Rec.   youtube

           JENS, VALLI  ( Artcore )

WHIRLPOOL PROD. - from disco to disco    Ladomat 2000   youtube
TRICKY - christiansands     Island Rec.     youtube
ULTRAHIGH - the revenge of the Maya gods ( rmx)   Force Inc. Rec.    youtube
ST. GERMAIN - alabama blues (revisited)    Pias Rec.    youtube
KOTAI - ring ring    Electro Rec.     youtube
GUS GUS - polyesterday      Rough Trade Rec.     youtube

 Date: 30.11.'96
vj: Sabine Christ

WESTBAM - born to bang     Motor Music Rec.      youtube

guest: DJ PLANK

IMMUNE - city child       Ism Prod.           youtube
WHIRLPOOL PROD. - from disco to disco      Ladomat 2000    youtube
ARMANDO - the future       Pias Rec.      youtube
CHRISTIAN MORGENSTERN - miscellaneous     Kanzleramt Rec.   discogs

MONT CENIS TRAXX - consolidation     Jakpot Rec.   discogs
JB3 - close grind     Novamute Rec.    discogs

LAURENT GARNIER - crispy bacon    F Comm Rec.     youtube 
DAVID CARRETTA - innerwood      Gigolo Rec.    youtube
EPHEBE - something else      Ferox Comm.    discogs

DJ PLANK - in the mix -

KREIDLER - reflections        Kiff Sm   youtube

Date: 07.12.'96
vj: Sabine Christ

HUMAN INSTINCT - human instinct        Sony Music      discogs


JEREMY HEALY & AMOS - stamp      Spin Rec.    youtube
THE PRODIGY - breathe        XL Rec.     youtube
808 STATE - pacific 707       Wea Rec.     youtube

MATTHEW HERBERT  - in the mix  -

TALLA 2XLC - the eternal mystery     Motor Music     youtube

Date: 14.12.'96
vj: Mate Galic

FLUX - caruso     1000 Schallplatten       youtube


ELEKTROCHEMIE LK - schall        Confused Rec.    youtube
GUS GUS - polyesterday      Rough Trade Rec.    youtube
IMMUNE - city child      Ism Prod. Rec.      youtube

JESSE SAUNDERS - in the mix -

BIOSPHERE - the shield       R & S Rec.  youtube   

Date: 21.12.'96
vj: Mate Galic

DAVID HOLMES - my mate Paul     Go!Discs Rec.     youtube
CHEMICAL BROTHERS - life is sweet    Junior Boys Own Rec.    youtube


FUTURE SOUND OF LONDON - my kingdom    Virgin Rec.    youtube
DOPPELGANGER - days gone      Mind the Gap Rec.      youtube

DIRTY BEATNICKS - in the mix -
Dirty Beatnicks - beatnik bounce   Wall of Sound Rec.
Monkey Mafia - work my body      Heavenly Rec.
The Hardnox - fire like dis       Skint Rec.
Propellerheads - take California      Wall of Sound Rec.
Dj Icee - pig ditch     London Rec.
Dj Icee - beats a rockin'    Zone Rec.
Mekon - welcome to dackletown     Wall of Sound Rec.

ULTRATUBES - flip kick     Planet Vision Rec.    youtube

Date: 28.12.'96
vj: Mate Galic & Sabine Christ

LFO - we are back          Warp Rec.     youtube

guest: FREDDIE FRESH    ( Bronx usa )

ELEKTROCHEMIE LK - schall       Confused Rec.    youtube
SEM - phox       Vinyl Solution Rec.      youtube
ULTRAHIGH - it's time      Force Inc. Rec.    youtube
MARRS - pump up the volume     Rough Trade Rec.     youtube
CIRCULATION - ex tempo     Balance Rec.   discogs
NEW PHUNK THEORY - dancer    Paper Rec.     youtube
NAIL - sim city    The Classic Music Company Rec.   discogs
NOOSA HEADS - basis     Soap Rec.   discogs
PROPELLERHEADS - take California   Wall of Sound Rec.  youtube

ORBITAL - belfast    Metronome Rec.   youtube
KRAFTWERK - der telefonanruf   Emi Rec.   youtube
AIR LIQUIDE - zeitgeber    Harvest Rec.    youtube
THE JACKSONS - can you feel it    Sony Rec.    youtube


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Viva's House T.V. shows - Retrospective 1996

This blogpost will be regularly updated due to the large amount of data.
"-----------------------" marks the  beginning of a show (respectively the end)

vj's: Mate Galic & Sabine Christ

MISS DJAX - killer train       Djax Up Beats Rec.                      youtube
KENNY LARKIN - catatonic (third state)       R & S Rec. youtube
BIOSPHERE - novelty waves               Apollo Rec.                   youtube
BROCCOLI BROS. - ruhrschnellweg      Thee Blak Label Rec. youtube
VISAGE - fade to grey                   Polydor Rec.                        youtube
MIGHTY DUB KATZ - magic carpet ride         Work Rec.       youtube
guests: Indian Vibes, Tanith, Woody
           Jurgen Laarman (Frontpage Magazine)
XPANSIONS '95 - move your body                 Ariola Rec.       youtube
TOM NOVY - odyssey             Kosmo Rec.                            youtube
JOSH WINK - higher state of consciousness  Strictly Rhythm Rec.  youtube
THE BUCKETHEADS - the bomb             Positiva Rec.          youtube
BABY D. - so pure                        Inside Label Rec.                youtube

Recordtips: - CLARK - dial               Studio K7 Rec.               youtube
                     STUDIO 1 - gelb          Studio 1 Rec.                  youtube
                     KIRLIAN - chicken wings      Disko B. Rec.

 CHEMICAL BROTHERS - loops of fury      Astralwerks Rec.   youtube
MIKE DRED & PETER GREEN - beyond the box          Machine Codes Rec.
LUCKY PEOPLE CENTER - to the space         Motor Rec.      youtube
guests: T.E.V.O.
SPEEDY J. - pull over                    Back Spin Rec.                     youtube
RECONCILATION - interaction
USURA - open your mind                      Bmg Rec.                      youtube
OLIVER HUNTEMANN - turn it up           Confused Rec.         youtube
CHUBBY CHUNKS - testament 4                     Edel Rec.         youtube
KOTAI - ring ring                           ElektroMusicDep. Rec.        youtube
guests: Thomas from Elektrochemie LK
ELEKTROCHEMIE L.K. - da phonk          Confused Rec.        youtube
HUMATE - love stimulation                 Mfs Rec.                         youtube
guests: Dj Choco, Dj Jan, Sebastian L.p.c., O.l.i.
SUB SURFING - the number readers
JOEY BELTRAM - instant                    Tresor Rec.                   youtube
RUFFNECK - everybody be somebody            Maw Rec.         youtube
TOLLMAN HILDENBEUTEL - isn't that a funny bird
SENSORAMA - echtzeit                     Ladomat 2000 Rec.        youtube
JIRI CEIVER - trental                          Harthouse Rec.               youtube
DEEE-LITE - groove is in the heart            Elektra Rec.              youtube
RENEE feat TAJ - when i dream                 Tresor Rec.             youtube
SHOWROOM RECORDING SERIES - midsland    Cheap Rec.    youtube
CARL CRAIG - dj kicks                          K7 Rec.                    youtube
guests: Dj Funk, Dj Pushava from Koln, Dj Antaro from Hamburg, Dj Boris
UNDERWORLD - dark & long              Intercord Rec.             youtube
Recordtips: Shaolin Wooden Man - ragu
                  Nuw Idol - snaratex
                  Pleiadians - jungle trax
                  Haledoid - anjuna              Black Totem Rec.
                  Astral Projection - euphonia                    T.i.p. Rec.
                  Freaky - tornado                            Dragonfly Rec.
                  Electric Universe - no.1                   Dat Rec.
                  X-Dream - this                                Tunnel Rec.
FRONT 242 - rhythm of time                Red Rhino Rec.             youtube
KOXBOX - birdy                         Harthouse Rec.                     youtube

GAT DECOR - passion                          Logic Rec.        youtube
BASSRACE - the dance dome                ZYX Rec.        youtube
guests: Dj Supa Dimitry
TOWA TEI - technova                            Wea Rec.         youtube
guests: K. Hand
ATAHUALPA - ultimo imperio                 Zyx rec.          youtube
ZYON - no fate                                       Eye Q. Rec.     youtube
HARDFLOOR - roar                 Planet Earth Rec.           youtube
RAINALD GOETZ - madchen     Recycle or Die Rec.    youtube
SYNESTHASIA - venom                   Harthouse Rec.     youtube
GROOVE SOLUTION - magic melody    Timeless Rec.  youtube
guests: Mr. Fingers
ART OF NOISE - paranoimia               Chrysalis Rec.     youtube
UNITONE HI FI -  guiding star             Incoming Rec.     youtube
AURAL FLOAT - south of the clouds pt.2       Elektrolux Rec.    youtube
guests: Sturt Mc. Millan & Order Meikle ( SLAM )
SLAM - positive education                    Soma Rec.          youtube
Recordtips:  The Octagon Man - phonic maze             Electron Ind. Rec.
                   Gigi Galaxy - the casual pimp ep               Teknotika Rec.
                   Massive Attack - protection                      Virgin Rec.
                   Indoor - camel                                           Full Moon Prod.
                   Phuture - times fade                                     Djax up Beats Rec.
                   Missing Channel - submerged                       Hardway Detroit Rec.
                   Studio 1 - die orange                                    Studio 1 Rec.
                   Fred Gianelli - management remixes              Superstition Rec.
                   Return To The Backroom - 3 zone uk
                   I-F - portait of a dead girl                             Disko B. Rec.
FUTURE BREEZE - read my lips             Motor Rec.     youtube
Recordtips:  Khan & Walker - schleichfahrt            Disko B. Rec.
                   Mika Vainio - helsinki rock'n'roll                Cheap Rec.
Johannes Heil- die offenbarung                   U- Turn Rec.
Saug 27 - kurbel 3                                     Kurbel Rec.
GAT DECOR - passion                   Logic Rec.               youtube
QIX - chocolate chicken                     K7 Rec.                youtube

DJ SCOT - u                       Overdose Rec.                   youtube
ROCKERS HIFI - push push              Wea Rec.           youtube
JOSH WINK - higher state of consciousness    Strictly Rhythm Rec.  youtube
SIZE 9 - i am ready                  Charisma Rec.               youtube
guests: Matthias Hallbron & Mousse T. ( PEPPERMINT JAM )
DJ DUKE - blow your whistle           Ffrr Rec.               youtube

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Viva's House Frau tv shows - Retrospective 1995

This blogpost will be regularly updated due to the large amount of data.
"-----------------------" marks the  beginning of a show (respectively the end)

november & december 1995 
vj's: Mate Galic & Sabine Christ
EARTH NATION - an artificial dream      Eye Q Rec.   youtube
OVAL - do while              Mille Plateaux Rec.               youtube
IAN POOLEY - twin gods              Force Inc. Rec.      youtube
LOVE  INC. - r.e.s.p.e.c.t.              Force Inc. Rec.      youtube
MOUSE ON MARS - future dub      Too Pure Rec.      youtube
JUNO REACTOR - feel the universe     Blue Room Rec.  youtube
guests: Cle & Steve Bug from Berlin
EVERYTHING BUT THE GIRL - missing   Atlantic Rec.  youtube
guests: Pari & Malte from Hamburg
CELVIN ROTANE - i believe        Alphabet City Rec.    youtube
KOMATOSE - move on          Experience Grooves Rec.

CASSEOPAYA - dance orderz                    Casseopaya Rec.

ALLNIGHTERS - black is black        Dos or Die Rec.   youtube
guests: E-A-S-E
EVOLUTION - genetic engineering            Spirit Zone Rec.

TWINAX - get up             Tetsuo Rec.        youtube
ORBITAL - halcyon (live experience)   Metronome Rec.  youtube
AIR LIQUIDE - mp8                Harvest Rec.   youtube
guest: Nav Katze

ANDREAS LEIFELD - voodoo        Harthouse Rec.    youtube
 SHARP DRESSED MEN - t4  Super Corporation Rec.SCAN X - eternal deep              F Comm. Rec.    youtube
guest: Patrick Pulsinger, Titan & Red Acid Jack, Marusha

WESTBAM - always music            Low Spirit Rec.   youtube
DJ HOOLIGAN - system ecstasy          Eastwest Rec.   youtube
JAM & SPOON - you gotta say yes to another excess     Urban Rec.   youtube
KEN ISHII - extra                R & S Rec.      youtube
DINO DVORNIK - afrika                 Croatia Rec.   youtube
guests: Mayday edition( Phortune,Pascal f.e.o.s.,Resistance D., Dominique, Rozzo,Dr. Motte,
Armand van Helden, Tom Wax
ANDREAS DORAU - komm wieder (Awex rmx)       Motor Rec.  youtube
AWEX - back on plastic         Plastic City Rec.   youtube
guests: Sylvie Marks,Dj Pierre,Mickey,Doug w.n.
SVEN VATH - an accident in paradise       Harthouse Rec.  youtube
DJ QUICKSILVER - bingo bongo        Maddog Rec.  youtube
APHEX TWIN - donkey rhubarb          Rough Trade Rec.   youtube